Henry’s Birthday Week, a concept book for ages 4-7, is available at amazon.com.

Young Henry’s feathered parents rely on familiar barnyard sights to help him count down to his birthday—and to learn the names of the days of the week without realizing it. As in the life of a real youngster, remembering each day’s name brings its challenges.

Constructed as a pattern book, Henry’s Birthday Week uses repetition for humor and to encourage confidence in beginning readers. This concept book subtly strengthens beginning counting skills as it promotes word recognition and fluency. It explores “yesterday” and “tomorrow which are moving targets sometimes difficult for a young child to grasp.

There’s a bonus, too, that connects a child’s own birthday with Henry’s growing understanding of the days of the week. “My Birthday Page” following the story provides a format for children to learn when and in what season their birthdays come as well as those of family members.

Inspired by chickens raised by some of her friends, the author has created a narrative enhanced by watercolor images appealing to preschoolers and young readers. A careful reading of the logos on Henry’s T-shirts even may bring a smile to adult poultry enthusiasts as well.