If your youngster struggles with spelling tests, spend 15-20 minutes a week following this sequence:

A) Have your child read this week’s spelling list to you, five words at a time. Encourage children with reading challenges to look for word parts they know and to look at all the letters.

B) Ask, “How are some of the words in the list the same? . . . What pattern do you see?”

C) Ask, “What is the sound of the letter(s) that make(s) the pattern?”

D) Dictate the first five words on the list to your child to write in pencil.

E) Say, “Let’s check your work. Circle with a colored pen the part of any word that you missed.”

F) Continue in this way through the remaining words on the list.

G) Say, “Now copy the words you missed on a separate sheet of paper. As you write, write the part you missed with a color pen and write the rest of each word in pencil.”

H) Say, “I think you are ready to write all the words on the list almost perfectly. Good luck! Now write them as I say them. . . .”

I) Say, “Let’s check them together. What parts do you need to work on? Close your eyes and imagine each one written on your ‘inner whiteboard.’ Next, try writing those challenging words in sentences.”

J) Say, “Each time you hear one of those challenging words in class, imagine it written on your ‘inner whiteboard.’ Even if your spelling book is removed, you still have your inner whiteboard to refer to.”

Image © Susan Young Hoffman 2017