Every time you add a memo to your calendar or jot down a shopping list, you are showing your children that writing serves a purpose. Help your children improve writing skills by getting them involved with real-life writing experiences.


  1. As a family talk about how letters in the mail are like gifts to be unwrapped—and you don’t have to wait for your birthday to open them!
  2. Invite your child to look through and select ten favorite greeting cards from a store or greetings from an Internet supplier.
  3. Ask your children to write messages in the cards and send or e-mail them to friends and relatives.
  4. To encourage others to write back, invite your children to include jokes, riddles, puzzlers, and “secret codes” in the letters. Have them skim through riddle books to find what is funny to them and what they would like to share with others.
  5. Invite your children to read letters sent by others. Encourage them to continue corresponding on a regular basis.



Image ©Susan Young Hoffman 2017