What is it like to work at night while the city sleeps? Children—and their parents—find the answer in two outstanding books from 2018: Night Job (by Karen Hesse, illustrated by Brian G. Karas) and Good Morning, Snowplow! (by Deborah Bruss, illustrated by Lou Fancher and Steve Johnson).

In both books the illustrations are telling. Night Job‘s dad lives in a converted motel and enjoys the morning newspaper after work. Speed doesn’t reward a careless driver in Good Morning, Snowplow!

The tender relationship between Night Job‘s father and son can lead to thoughtful discussions about characterization and relationships. How is love expressed by a dad for his son or a son for his dad? What do we do for each other in our own family?

Likewise, a reading of Good Morning, Snowplow! can lead to a consideration of who works at night and how they contribute to our community. How can we express our gratitude to these mostly unseen and under-appreciated individuals?


Night Job