The semester is under full swing and long-term research papers have been assigned. How does a student master the research process? Whether you, as a parent, are looking for guidelines that might help your high school child or you, yourself, are enrolled in a class and would appreciate some pointers, this month’s tip is right for you. Hey, if you are a secondary teacher, this might be a great refresher for you to pass on to your students.

There is more to writing than finding an interesting topic. University of Wisconsin’s Professor William Cronin effectively motivates his students to learn and to express themselves well in writing. His framework for researching a topic and preparing a paper is worth the time to study and pursue. 

Follow Professor Cronin’s links on how to search for information, argue points and tell stories, draft, edit, and revise, etc. See how to start out right with framing a researchable question and locating appropriate documents. All this and much, much more is available at

You’ll be rewarded by your efforts!